about-me-picsLike many 30 ish year olds, I starting ‘cutting’ code on C64 and Spectrum and after making quite a few rubbish text adventures I moved on to the Amiga and the fantastic AMOS. I made some slightly less rubbish pong/arkanoid clones in AMOS & yes more text adventures finally progressing to the PC.  I moved through VB, Pascal and C++ resulting in some rather rough and ready 3d engines with aspirations of breaking into the demo seen however that didn’t quite happen as at this point lots of music stuff happened + I developed long hair and a beard however this didn’t last long (the long hair).

Unfortunately the fun had to stop and I have since spent many years developing & supporting business apps which I continue to do by day however…  by night I continue to code, play music and learn as much fun stuff as possible which when shared on this blog will hopefully will help others learn & develop.  Also with age I now require a long term memory store!

If you want to get in touch I can be found on all the usual social network sites or drop me a mail.


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